Child Support Recovery

Recently Hunter Investigations LLC assisted a parent in metropolitan Atlanta with the location of a non-custodial parent whose child support payments were in arrears.  The non-custodial parent, which in this case was the father, owed more than $10,000.00 in back child support and had not made any payments in nearly a year. Initially this non-custodial parent lived within a few miles of his children. However, following an argument with his ex-wife he left the county in which he lived and moved away.

This non-custodial parent had remained in communication with his ex-wife and even arranged to visit with his children but quit making his child support payments. After conducting surveillance and an undercover investigation our detectives were able to locate the new residence, verify employment and document his lifestyle. We provided documentation to the local county child support recovery agency and as a result garnishment has been ordered by the court and back child support was seized from one of his bank accounts.

This custodial parent called Hunter Investigations because she wants to be a part of the 47% who receive the total amount of the child support they are due. Our detectives have an expertise in this area; check out Child Support Recovery on our website for more information.

Lane Taylor