Don't Get Ripped Off

The downturn in the economy has resulted in an economic swing in the opposite direction for Private Investigations. Many reasons can be attributed to this but, for the most part, private corporations as well as individuals are seeking the help of the professional PI to insure they are not being ripped off.

Many law firms and other medium to large size corporations who have staffed an in-house detective are eliminating that position to save on their budgets. What are they doing in the mean time? They are working with private investigations firms on a case by case or as needed basis. Several medium size law firms in the Atlanta area who are confidential clients of Hunter Investigations said that when they housed a firm detective all the staff, attorneys and paralegals, seemed to hand off much of their case work to the detective. In an effort to increase their bottom line, these firms admitted that a corporate restructure that included eliminating the in-house detective(s) and utilizing private investigators has resulted in a more productive firm and increased revenue.

Hunter Investigations is poised to assist corporate America as well as the private individual as each seeks to protect their assets. Our investigators work to present our Clients with the facts. Regardless of who is in need we offer background checks, search for debtors, surveillance for domestic disputes and provide due diligence for all types of criminal and civil cases. Contact Hunter Investigations to find out how you can better protect your assets during these uncertain times: 770.667.7467.

Lane Taylor