Dougherty Gang Apprehended

The Dougherty Gang did not drive north after all; they went west…to Pueblo County, Colorado. After being spotted in a local Canon City stores purchasing a tent and other camping supplies the Pueblo County authorities were notified and with the help of the Colorado State Police apprehended the Dougherty Fugitives.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor said that although the Dougherty’s appeared to be driving a stolen vehicle in actuality they simply switched license plates. They were driving the white 4-door Subaru Impreza with a Texas license plates LCS 909 which they crashed when the high speed chase ended. Dougherty Gang was captured by the Colorado Law Enforcement.

With 14 felony arrests for Ryan and 5 arrests for various crimes including a hit-and-run for Lee Grace perhaps these members of the Daugherty Gang should be locked away where they no longer be a menace to society. Since Dylan has a lesser rap sheet, but since he has exhibited the propensity to follow in the footsteps of his siblings, the jury on him is still out.

Lane Taylor