Dougherty Gang – Sibling Fugitives

Be on the alert for three siblings who are wanted by the FBI for attempted murder and bank robbery. Ryan, Dylan and Lee Grace Dougherty were last seen in Valdosta, GA on Tuesday August 2, 2011 and may be headed toward Atlanta, GA.  When the Dougherty Gang left Tampa they were headed north on I-75. Atlanta is a large enough city to get lost in and could be considered to be a reasonable destination north of Valdosta, which was reported to be the location where they were last seen.

The Atlanta metroplex, being a heavily populated, would be a natural place for them to obtain provisions, seek shelter and obtain new transportation. Since their vehicle has been identified, a 2006 white, four-door Subaru Impreza with New York license plate FBE 5900, they may want yours. Hunter Investigations teaches personal safety and encourages everyone to be dedicated to the mindset of precaution, protection and preservation.  So, if you typically park your car in a lot during the day while you are at work, make sure the doors are locked and the windows are closed. If you work from home or at home with children make certain the garage door is closed and your doors are locked. Think safety first.

According to FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett who was interviewed this morning on ABC Good Morning America, these fugitives are “committed to each another”. They opened fire on law enforcement in Zephyrhills, FL and fired inside of the bank they robbed. Emmett went on to say that because of the nature of their text messages and tweets the FBI believes these individuals are not afraid to die.

In situations like these if you believe you have seen the Dougherty Fugitives the way you conduct yourself is paramount to your survival. If you spot their vehicle, call 911 and speak with the trained dispatcher who answers your call. Let him/her know the location and time of day you believe you saw the Dougherty clan. Try to remember what they were wearing or what they were driving as descriptions such as these will be helpful to the FBI and local law enforcement in apprehending these fugitives.

If you believe you have encountered them either in a convenience store, diner or motel leave. Do not be confrontational. Get in your car, drive away and call 911 immediately. Do not approach these individuals and do not attempt to make contact with them as they are armed and dangerous. Do not try to be a hero, let the FBI do their work.

Lane Taylor