Finding a Credible and Reliable Private Investigator

Writer and private investigator, Randy Wiles, recently wrote an article for Atlanta Life Magazine, "The Scoop on Using a Snoop, A private eye tells all." The article discusses the importance of hiring a credible private investigator. Hunter Investigations provided story information and quotes for the article. A link to the full article is provided below the following excerpts:

Have you ever wished you could spy on your spouse for a day or plant a camera in your home to watch the babysitter? You might have thought you were taking things a little too far, but private investigators use these and many other tactics to uncover secrets in people’s professional and personal lives. While PIs have been around for decades, their assistance is becoming more and more popular, as problems like fraudulence in the workplace, cheating spouses, child mistreatment and corporate corruption become increasingly common. . . . If you are curious about the work PIs do or are thinking about hiring one yourself, read on to ensure you’ll find one who is credible, reliable, experienced and honest. 

When working with a private investigator, communication and honesty are of the utmost importance. “Trust is essential,” says Holly Hunter, owner of Hunter Investigations, an Alpharetta-based PI firm. . . . "If you’re seeking a divorce, you’re entrusting the most intimate details of your life to a private investigator,” she says. “You’re trusting the investigator to act lawfully. You’re also trusting the investigator to do everything he or she can to obtain the information you need and has been truthful with you about their activity. That trust can’t be broken.”

Hunter, an unassuming, blue-eyed, blonde mother of three is an Atlanta native who looks like she would spend most of her days running errands for her family and volunteering at her church – which she does, in addition to her work as a PI. Her daily schedule usually involves high-tech information gathering and low-profile surveillance.

Hunter’s quiet demeanor allows her to waltz in and out of situations and strike up conversations by either chatting up unsuspecting female interviewees or spreading a hint of “Southern charm” on male targets. Before long, she obtains the information she needs and, like a Navy Seal, has left the area without leaving so much as a footprint.

You can read the entire article at Atlanta Life Magazine

Lane Taylor