Gold Stars for Women Who Worked Today

Gold Stars go out to all of my women colleagues who gladly stepped into their respective chosen professions as:

  • Educators and held class;

  • Medical Practitioners and healed the infirmed;

  • Legal Professionals and went to court;

  • Ministers and prayed for the least and the lost;

  • Mental Health Professionals and kept your scheduled and emergency appointment with clients;

  • Therapeutic Wilderness Field Staff and hiked with at-risk adolescents in your care;

  • Transportation Specialists and provided a way for people to get to their destinations;

  • Business Owners and kept the doors open for your employees;

  • Peace Officers, Fire Fighters and kept my neighborhood safe;

  • Military Personnel and kept watch defending my freedom…

… Your presence at work made a difference today!

And to all my other women friends, family and associates who chose to respect their colleagues in the fields of science, the arts, research, interior design, computer support and technology, coaching, retail sales, museum conservatory, engineering, farming, finance, human resources, consulting, pharmacy, photography, real estate, cleaning service, restaurateurs, veterinarians, volunteers and any other professions I may have missed…

…Your presence at work made a difference today!

To all of you women who joined me in choosing to go to work today secure in the knowledge that by our presence we make a difference you get a Gold Star!

How many parents would have been ok with my female transporters not showing up at your door this morning to not assist with the intervention we had scheduled? None! The women that assist SafePassage families in crisis know that they make more of an impact on the world by assisting the families we serve rather than going on strike; and, that is why they were at your door this morning.

How many Clients would have been ok with my female investigators not showing up to testify in court today? None! The female investigators that work for Hunter Investigations know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they gain far more respect in the workforce by appearing in court rather than going on strike, being a no-show and ruining a court case for our client. That is why they were in court this morning.

Who came up with the idea that it is justifiable for a small group of women to inconvenience the population? Are they willing to take responsibility for the fall out?

Don’t you realize that your Day Without Women foolishness has forced many minimum wage-earning single moms to have to stay home with their children today?

These women:

  • Have taken their children with the clothes on their backs and left their abusive husbands;

  • Are living below the poverty level in a shelter, one-room rental or run-down apartment with no government subsidy;

  • Are barely making ends meet;

  • Have a go-nowhere-job;

  • Are taking night courses online on an old borrowed computer that won’t download the videos they need to because it can’t receive the updates you take for granted; and, more.

Because your selfish choice to strike caused schools to close these women were forced to stay at home today and not only loose a days pay, but were forced to call it a sick day, if they even get sick days at their level, but more importantly they lost credibility in the eyes of their employer.

Oh, day care. Right, they should have simply called a sitter or left their children the local walk-in center. Sure that would have solved everything. Where’s your brain? These women cannot afford day care and many of them don’t live in the same community with loved ones who may be able to help because they are still hiding from their abuser.

Are you beginning to see the mess you created, I mean, the impact you made? Not yet, well read on.

These women, desperate for a better life, are living paycheck to paycheck saving up their pennies just to be able purchase previously worn clothing from the Good Will Store for their children; they are hoping the frayed jeans look at work will stay in style a little longer so they are not embarrassed about the clothes they have to wear to work. These women are relying on the public schools system to stay open so they can send their children to school; so they can go to work and put food on the table. By empowering enough women to strike and close the public schools, you have literally taken their choice to go to work or to strike out of their hands and forced them to stay out of work regardless of their heart-felt desire.

What’s fair about that? Nothing!

According to the University of Akron 40% of single mom families live below the poverty line and are trying to survive on an annual income of about $26.000.00. Many of these are taking two and three part-time jobs to be able to survive and by being forced to stay home today they cost them about $45.00 take-home. Well maybe that doesn’t sound like much to you, but to them that was gas for their car or public transportation money for the month; or emergency money in case one of their children gets injured or sick.

Are you willing to write them a check for the money you caused them to loose? Take you to court, you say, well, maybe there is a creative lawyer out there who will file a pro bono class action law suit on behalf of all the women who were deprived of their right to work today.

A Day Without Women was not inconvenient it was criminal. You women who chose not to go to your teaching jobs and forced the schools to close; who didn’t see your patients or didn’t open your shops willfully kept money from the pocket books of women who cannot afford to miss an hour of work much less a whole day.

Yes, we live in a country that allows women to strike and kudos to your for exercising your right to do so…but not at the expense of another. Your selfish actions have demeaned women everywhere. Because you have caused hardship on those who need our help and support you have not accomplished your goal but have taken the women’s suffrage movement backwards.

When your choice under minds the hard work of women who are carving out their own niche in society or those who are merely finding their way to a dream, your choice is wrong.

Lane Taylor