Hunter PI Owner Elected to GAPPI Board


“Preparing Members to Succeed Tomorrow”

Hunter Investigations is pleased to announce Holly Hunter, Owner has been elected by her peers to the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators as Secretary for the 2018 Term. GAPPI is a self-governing organization dedicated to preparing their members for successful careers in the field of investigations and security.

Hunter began her career in the professional private detective world in 1995 when she worked her first case: a missing persons. Since then she has assisted clients with their cases involving cheating spouses, theft, runaway teens, stolen personal property; witness location and murder. Hunter joined GAPPI since opening   the Hunter Investigations doors in 2006. Since that time she has been the personal leiison to the clients; works together with the detectives to establish plans each criminal and civil investigation at the firm and has been an advocate for membership to GAPPI.

Hunter also assists clients with the safe transport of their at-risk adolescents. Through SafePassage Adolescent Services the firm transports hundreds of teens in crisis each year to short term wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools across the country. SafePassage provides professionally trained, gender specific teams of two who conduct an intervention and accompany the struggling teen to treatment. SafePassage also provides transports for those with special needs as well as the aging and disabled.

Hunter provides Christian Life Coaching through Hunter Professional Advisors. Hunter coaches startup entrepreneurs and individuals struggling with launching their business; provides divorce coaching; and spiritual life coaching for people who are stuck in their lives.

Hunter has dedicated her career to helping her clients find answers in their time of need and is looking forward to serving her peers as part of the Leadership Team at GAPPI.

“Being an investigator is all I ever wanted to do. I’m living my dream; and, now I have the opportunity to give back by serving my peers. Thank you.” Holly Hunter.

Lane Taylor