In Home Alarm System

Many homes across America have electronic alarm systems which of course set off a loud siren in the event of an intruder or break-in. I think most city-folk have at least heard someone’s alarm sounding in the distance so I am not going to bore you with the details of how they work or why you should protect your home and family by having one. Alarm monitoring service is an accessory to most systems and it is an accessory that most people with alarm systems have.

One of my good friends told me that that she recently changed alarm companies largely because the existing company had increased her rates steadily over the past fifteen years and she decided enough. The new company was able to make the switch without changing out her existing system, which no doubt made her happy for the cash savings.

Two interesting things happened when her new security company rep came out to make the switch. First the rep set her up with a panic code. He added an additional code to her keypad for panic situations. For example, if she comes home and surprises an intruder she punches in the panic code, then house alarm does not sound but the local police are immediately dispatched. How cool is that?

The other thing that she came to find out was that she needed to register her alarm system with the local city in which she resides. According to the rep, if she was not registered with the city and the police are dispatched she would be fined by the city for $75.00.

“Who knew you had to register your alarm system,” she said to me. Well I did some checking only to find out the rep is correct. In the greater Atlanta metroplex every municipality I spoke with gave me the same advice: register your home alarm system or risk being fined. Just another way to generate revenue I said as I hung up the phone. I suppose, though if there is good news about registering my home alarm system it is that I was able to obtain the forms online.

Register your alarm system, get a panic code set and call Hunter Investigations LLC if you find yourself the victim of an in-home burglary or other crime. We provide services that include crime scene investigation and recovery of stolen property. Pick up the phone and call for your free consultation: 770.667.7467.

Lane Taylor