Investigators of Integrity

In an article posted on Mr. Pratham discusses hiring a private detective. Although some of what Pratham says has merit, I am not so sure that he really knows what he is talking about.

In his diatribe of reasons why a person may or may not want to hire a PI Pratham leads you to believe that a good PI will help you attain your goals. This is not necessarily true. A good private detective gathers information pertinent to your case – and that information is what it is. The facts may indeed bear out what the Client had hoped for, however, often times that is simply not the case.

In a recent domestic investigation we conducted a husband was absolutely certain his wife was cheating on him. After a long extensive investigation the truth revealed itself to be that his spouse was leading an exemplary life and simply did not enjoy being around her husband.

Pratham also leads you to believe that men are the only investigators that have honor and are the only ones who can properly investigate domestic situations. This is absolutely not true. Hunter Investigations has excellent female investigators of integrity licensed in GA and WV ready to provide due diligence for your case. The Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies has reciprocal agreements with Tennessee, Louisiana, California, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia which means we can come to where you are.

In another recent domestic investigation the only way to gather the information was to send female investigators undercover. This brings to the forefront another statement made by Pratham which is bogus. Pratham stated that the private detective should be willing to: take a few risks.  Just what kind of risks are you talking about Pratham? It sounds like you have been watching far and away too much television.

Private investigators of integrity know the boundaries, know the law as it pertains to them and do not take risks that put them or their client in jeopardy. After all, what’s the point of investigating a case only to have your findings thrown out of court as fruit obtained from the poisonous tree? It sounds to me like Pratham just doesn’t know his stuff.

Lane Taylor