Ladies, Pay Attention

Ladies, do you know where your husbands were last night? Well, I do.

At a posh bistro in Dunwoody, GA last night I was seated with my friends at a table right beside one of your husbands. Because of the configuration of the restaurant only a three foot high dividing wall separated my table from his. I was actually seated so close that I could see the detail on his wedding band.

Yes, you are exactly correct. I also overheard his entire conversation with her, and that’s how I know she is…the other woman.

So here’s what I know. He left his car at the hotel and they took the hotel shuttle over to the bistro, and back again. They drank wine first: she drank white, he had red and then they switched to beer when the meal was served. Only one entre was served and she ate off of his plate while he explained to her about the PTA. You guessed right again. She had no idea who the PTA players were that he was referring to, and trust me when I say that she was totally lost when he tried to connect the dots…and she didn’t want to hear about his kids. You need more?

He is a brunette with light brown eyes and clean shaven; she’s a red-head. When he excused himself from the table to go to the bathroom, he actually walked to the bar and called you – his wife.

Pay attention. If you suspect you have a cheating spouse, he or she may very well be. If it’s a holiday and your spouse is not home sharing in the family fun, there may be reason to have suspicion. If your spouse missed the neighborhood bbque and didn’t answer when you and the kids Skyped, and call us. Hunter Investigations highly trained detectives are ready to provide answers to the questions that cause you distress. Hiring a team of detectives is the perfect place to begin.

Lane Taylor