No Excuses, Just Results

Yesterday as I was waiting at a stop light I saw a marquee that read: “No man is rich enough to buy back his past.” What a true statement I thought. Oscar Wilde, I believe. Pondering this quotation made me think of the men and women who call in with thoughts of hiring my private investigative firm, but, in the end do not. It made me wonder if they were truly happy with their decision or when they got to court wished they had spent the money to obtain the information they needed to complete their case.

I have been in this business long enough to tell you that I have heard all of the excuses and frankly, none of them hold water. “I don’t have the money…” Everyone has at least one trusted friend who would help in a time of crisis. “My spouse will find out…” Only if you are the one who tells. Hunter Investigations provides confidential investigations; this means we do not tell anyone, other than you and your attorney about your case. “I don’t know if I really need to hire an investigator…” Every case, domestic, criminal and civil needs an investigator. Beyond traditional detective work our investigators work with the counsel of record to help tie up loose ends and close any holes in your case. “I’m willing to take gamble…” Are you really willing to take a gamble, a roll of the dice to hope beyond all hope that you might, on the off chance have what you need to go to court? Are you crazy? Probably not, you’re just not thinking.

Well, think on this: if you take a gamble you get what you get. Increase your odds, hire our investigative team and have no regrets. Stop making excuses; get the results you need to support your case. Do not compromise because, literally, you cannot buy back your past. You only have one chance to make sure your evidence is in place and your case is solid before you go to court.

Lane Taylor