Online Detective Service? Don't Risk It!

In a recent posting on it was suggested that in order to keep a low profile while having your cheating spouse investigated you should use your credit card and burn a few hundred dollars with an online detective service. I am here to give you three good reasons why this is not a good idea.

First of all using your credit card to pay for detective service is not a smart move. When your statement arrives in the mail the line item on your account will read “OnLine Detective Service”, “Web Investigator” or what ever the name of the detective company is. You run the risk that your spouse will see the statement, will access the account online or that the credit card bank will call one of the phone numbers associated with your account and ask if this was an intentional purchase. Imagine what kind of a conversation you will have with your supposed cheating spouse when the bank calls him about your purchase with Net Detective. Oh, sure you can change the passcode on the account so he cannot access it online but as soon as you do you better have a plausible explanation as your spouse will surely want to know why his access was denied. And I know the rest of you are the dutiful stay-at-home mom who retrieves the mail and you can screen everything that comes in. Well ask yourself this: are you willing to risk blowing your case before you begin? Besides, if he wasn’t cheating and he sees the line item purchase he may decide to leave you before you can leave him.

Second, private detective agencies in 44 out of 50 States are required to have State issued licenses. Some of these States have reciprocal agreements, others do not. Of the remaining six, two require business licenses and two require permits for certain cities and municipalities. Can you be certain the online investigation service you hire fits into at least one of these categories? Will they provide their State of licensure and license number for you to research them and see if they are legitimate? Have you been able to reach a live person to speak with and not a chat window with an innocuous person on the other side answering your questions from a script? There are many fly-by-night detective services across the nation, online and across the globe that simply take your money, have no licensure or training and provide little to no information in return. A lot of people talk a good game, but the bottom line is in all 50 States that impersonating licensed private detective or operating as a private investigator is illegal. Information that is not legally obtained is not admissible in a court of law. Now ask yourself this: is the information I need worthy of a licensed detective or should I just settle for a rip-off artist or possibly, a hacker?

Third, and probably the most important thing to remember is that if you hire a detective service, online or otherwise who provides information directly to you, that information is not considered to be protected and must be divulged during interrogatories and depositions. If you hire Hunter Investigations through your attorney, Hunter Investigations becomes your attorney’s client and the information we obtain will be provided directly to your attorney. This process is practiced by reputable detective and law firms in all 50 States because it keeps the information protected under attorney-client privilege. This means you can obtain information discretely through your attorney, your credit card statement will not reveal that you have hired a detective because payment can be made through your attorney in cash.

If you are considering using a detective service opt for a licensed private investigations firm instead. Call Hunter Investigations, 770.667.7467 and let a licensed investigator speak with you about your concerns. We will be glad to set a time to meet with you in person and give our professional opinion as to whether or not you should be considering investigative services. Sometimes there are simple answers that are being overlooked and our trained detectives are here to help you make that determination. You, the Client, have the right to sit face to face or, at the very least, speak with a live person before spending your money. At Hunter Investigations the first half hour consultation is free. In addition, Hunter Investigations LLC has our license number posted on our website and any of our licensed detectives or office staff will be more than happy to provide the Agency licensure number at your request.

Save yourself time and money; call Hunter Investigations LLC: 770.667.7467. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Lane Taylor