Parent Custodial Equality in TN

In a recent article PI Newswire discusses one of the age old problems that divorcing parents face: who gets the children? The article points out that when King Solomon posed the solution of dividing the child between the two mothers who both claimed the child was born to them. The rightful mother was horrified not wanting her child to be harmed, told the King to give the child to the other woman. This display of love showed King Solomon who the birth mother was and so she was awarded custody.

Apparently a group of fathers’ rights activists are driving the Tennessee Legislature to demand the courts award equal time with their children unless their spouse can prove they are unfit to parent. These equal rights organizations are claiming that the courts have intentionally cut fathers out of the picture when it comes to awarding custody of their children. The pending legislation in Tennessee HB 2916, not the number listed in the article, states that divorcing parents are to be awarded equal time with their children unless one parent can provide “clear and convincing” evidence that the other is unfit. In this instance the court would be required to order an investigation.

A court ordered domestic investigation would most likely be conducted by various State Agencies and may not provide all of the necessary answers as the accused parent would undoubtedly be on their best behavior. Remember too State Agencies have heavy case loads and limited resources to devote to your case. Because of this a parent who is planning to divorce and accuse their spouse of being unfit should hire a private investigator prior to filing. To have the detective work completed prior to filing allows parents to have the opportunity to reach a reasonable agreement between themselves which they would present to the court. HB 2916 also allows for this solution.

One of the problems not addressed in the article is that divorcing parents who want to prove their spouse unfit will be looking in the wrong direction to hire an investigator. Fly-by-night, cloak-and-dagger gum shoes are a dime a dozen and purport to be what they are not. A spouse who is concerned for the welfare of their children needs to seek the assistance of an experienced investigative team in order to get the best results and not get ripped off.

The States of Georgia and Tennessee have reciprocal agreements which allow licensed GA investigators to work in TN. Hunter Investigations LLC located in GA specializes in domestic case work and on several occasions have assisted fathers in gaining sole custody of their children. Call us for more information 770.667.7467.

Lane Taylor