Pawn Shops & Lost Propoerty

Recovery of lost and stolen property investigations are on the rise. During these difficult economic times desperation seems to bring out the worst in people. Career criminals seem to be bolder and John and Jane Q. Public are driven to the point of distraction with trying to keep up appearances so that no one knows they are suffering, financially speaking.

Because of this prevailing attitude “lost” property turns up not being lost after all… but often times finds its way to pawn shops because the owner is in need of cash. Senior Investigator Randy Wyles, in his Creekside Journal column, touches on a couple of cases that took him into local pawn shops on an investigation for missing personal property. Wyles mentions that insurance companies may pay out on a lost article, but when the item is discovered they will want their money back. It’s called fraud – and that’s a felony.

Despite the economic times, honesty is the best policy. Pawning a family heir loom and then claiming it as lost or stolen property to the insurance company only creates more trouble than its worth. However, if your property has been stolen or legitimately lost file a police report and let us help you recover your treasures.

Hunter Investigations has developed a network of resources to assist our private detectives as they work with insurance companies, local law enforcement and other individuals to recover your valuables. For more information on how we can assist in the recovery of your stolen property call our office: 770.667.7467.

Lane Taylor