Private Investigations: Sabotage

Recently my car was sabotaged. That’s right, sabotaged. Now we’re not talking James Bond 007 style of sabotage involving an explosion, just your basic means of intentionally interfering with the proper performance of my car. In the world of PI my car is one of my most precious commodities so to tell you that this deliberate act of sabotage made me angry is being kind.

The sabotage was not directed at a corporate vehicle: the blacked-out surveillance van or the Jeep with the dark-tinted windows, it was my personal vehicle that the saboteur targeted.

Little did that saboteur know that shy of a James Bond incident this episode would not keep me down for long as I have Isinovi and Joel in my rolodex. Who are these people you ask? They are my mechanics. Once my car was safely delivered to IC Auto Tech in Atlanta, Joel confirmed the sabotage, repairs were made in their state of the art, high efficiency garage and I was on my way in short order.

Isinovi races motorcycles on the weekends, which, of course, means they have a garage devoted to the maintenance and service of many makes and models of motorcycles as well as cars and trucks. They have been in business for more than 20 years and are honest about their diagnostics, and charge a fair price for the cost for repairs. Even though these economic times are tugging on peoples purse strings Isinovi and Joel have not changed their honest policy or their pricing.

If you reside in town or if you’re just passing through; if you are in need of automotive repair or just maintenance take your vehicles to Isinovi and Joel, you’ll be glad you did. Tell them Holly sent you, or not; they’ll still treat you right.

If you suspect your vehicle has been sabotaged or tampered with in an inappropriate manner, call us in our offices here at Hunter Investigations and we will be glad to investigate: 770.667.7467.

Oh, by the way, I do know who sabotaged my car and consider yourself warned: you’ll be meeting the Sheriff up close and personal very soon.

Lane Taylor