Runaway Teens

One of the most difficult times a parent will ever face is to find your teenager has run away. If this has happened to you and you are uncertain as to what to do except wait for a phone call or hope for your child's return, quit waiting and become proactive. First, remember it is illegal for a child to runaway so go to your local law enforcement, file a runaway report and a pick up order. It is important to take a photo with you and ask that your child's image be scanned into the system. All fifty United States are on board with 18 or higher as the legal Age of Majority. If you are uncertain as to what parameters your State has set the law summaries in US Legal Law Digest have hyperlinks that reference each State's Statute. Second, make a list and start calling all their friends, the parents of their friends and your own family members. Let them know your child has runaway, that you have filed appropriate reports with the local authorities and they are looking for your child. Be firm but nice when you tell them that you will not abide by your child's friends harboring or giving aid; these acts are considered offenses against the law and you will prosecute the offenders. This usually gets the attention of friends and family who do not want to take your call or offer no help in your search. Third, call the school your child attends and report the incident to the attendance office and the principal. If you have online access to your child's teachers email all of them. Next, pick up the phone and call Hunter Investigations 770.667.7467. As a licensed private investigative firm we are able to investigate this crime and will work with families to find their runaway children. That's also something each State agrees on: aside from law enforcement licensed private investigators, not common individuals, must be used to investigate runaways and missing persons. For a related article go to: and scroll to the article dated October 1.

Lane Taylor