Sex Offenders, Where Are You?

In a recent article dealing with the actual whereabouts of sex offenders appeared in the January/February 09 issue of aboutU Magazine. In the article Hunter Investigations Senior Investigator, Randy Wyles reveals that approximately one-third of the convicted sex offenders, who by the way are ordered to remain registered, that were investigated are not. That’s right. The State of Georgia does not have current and updated contact information for almost one-third of the convicted sex offenders living in this State.  

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, according to Wyles, indicated there are approximately 15,000 sex offenders State wide. Does this mean that there are 5,000 sex offenders living under the radar unwatched and unmonitored? Honestly, I’m appalled that the State of GA has no more concern than to allow nearly one-third of this populous to just do whatever they want. What this tells me is that of the gentleman living down the street, the yard man who cuts your grass or the woman cleans your house one of these could be a convicted sex offender “living incognito” as the article says.

This doesn’t say much for the GBI and their attempt to keep up with these offenders, but what about the State you live in? Do you know who is living next door to you? Do you really know about the guy you sent to clean out your mother’s gutters? Do you know what the statistics are for incognito sex offenders living in your area? Do you have total peace of mind about your friends and coworkers?

If you can not answer yes to all of these questions then pick up the phone and call Hunter Investigations770.667.7467 and let us find the answers for you. We have a staff of trained investigators who will find answers to your questions and help you regain peace of mind.

To read the full article Offenders Incognito by Randy Wyles: if you are local pick up a copy of aboutU Magazine or go to  

Lane Taylor