Civil Investigations

Lawsuits that do not involve a violation of the law are considered to be civil; and presently the most common civil suit is divorce, spousal abuse and related disputes. Often times divorce is not amiable and in these instances an investigative team who is skilled in surveillance, computer analytics, forensic accounting, transcribing text messaging and social networking messaging can bring a wealth of evidence to the case.

Divorce is not always about cheating spouses and is rarely like what you see on television. Some investigations can be done through electronics. In a recent case our client was able to provide access to the family computer where incriminating financial data was extracted to show the clients spouse was funneling retirement money to an associate.

In addition to divorce, some additional types of civil investigations that we handle are:

  • Negligence

  • Personal injury

  • Child custody, child abuse and child welfare

  • Missing persons

  • Medical malpractice

  • Wrongful death

If you answer yes to the question: am I involved in a lawsuit, then the answer to do I need a private investigator should be yes as well. Our investigators use their expertise to obtain answers to your questions and gather evidence for your case. Witness interviews, background checks, asset searches, nanny cams and surveillance are some of the techniques we use to provide support.

Remember the goal is success for your day in court so make your case solid by securing our assistance. Our team of investigators is ready to provide the necessary services that will help make your goal a reality.