Thank you for providing the complete background check on my fiance. We met online and although we hit it off right away I was always curious as to whether or not she was who she represented herself to be. Now I can walk down the aisle with complete confidence.
— Online Date-Mate, Atlanta, GA.
Your confidentiality means the world to me. Thank you for your help in locating the daughter I adopted out so many years ago; I’m so glad to know she is alive and doing well in her life. Maybe some day I will have the courage to contact her.
— Mother in AL.
I’m glad I contacted you before I confronted my husband with what I suspected was signs of his infidelity. By using your service to substantiate my suspicions he had no choice when confronted by my attorney in court but to admit his guilt. As a result, the court ordered him to provide a comfortable settlement for me since I am disabled. I would have made the biggest mistake of my life if I had not used Hunter Investigations.
— Former wife of cheating spouse. Roswell, GA.
Thank you for locating my former husband and for assisting me in the recovery of my back child support. After working with you I was able to establish garnishment through the courts and now I can see to it that my kids will go to college.
— Single mother in Atlanta, GA.
When the police had given up Hunter Investigations helped us locate our family heirloom that had been stolen.
— Owner of stolen property. Alpharetta, GA.
When my show dog Arrey went missing I called Hunter Investigations to help me find her. They were genuinely caring and compassionate. I was concerned that Arrey would not go with them if they found her, but only a few days had passed when their Investigator showed up at the front door with Arrey in their arms! My child had come home.
— Owner of show dog that had been dog-napped. Douglasville, GA.
I thought my life was over when my identity was stolen. Other agencies out there did not know where to begin but when I found Hunter Investigations they got right on the job. They worked closely with the local authorities to find the person that was using my identity, had him arrested and now he’s in jail. Thanks, Hunter Investigations for giving me my life back.
— ID Theft Victim. Atlanta, GA.