Hunter Investigations LLC provides support by consulting on case work prior to trial, working to develop an action plan based on the existing information and providing an investigation plan for areas of the case which may be lacking in support.

Many attorneys consult with Hunter Investigations to review cases looking with a discerning eye to ascertain where their case can be further supported through due diligence or investigation. By providing services such as computer forensic analysis, conducting inmate interviews or providing expert testimony Hunter Investigations is able to strengthen the content of existing case work before that particular case goes to mediation or trial.

Also, our investigators draw on their years of expertise to consult with individuals who may have encountered a stall in their case. They are able to determine if the case can be jump-started from the point of stall instead of re-working the case in its entirety. This helps both the Client and their attorney especially when time is of the essence.

Call our office and see how we can be of support to you through consulting.